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Southern Regional Karate Training – Bath University

Sensei Anthoni Everitt joined up with other regional coaches, Jamie Jewell and Head Coach of SW, Rory Daniels for the 3rd Regional session of the year which brought 90 students together from all Southern counties.  

Sensei Lisa passes Judges exam

Sensei Lisa Bays and Sensei Nick Harvey, attended the English Karate federation Referee course held at the North East College in Enfield. The course was held by Chief Referee and World Referee Dale Gamble. Sensei Lisa passed her Theory and now trains for her EKF badge as a judge whilst Sensei Nick Harvey attended the…
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Join today for a free week trial

We are currently opening our doors to new members to come along and try out a weeks trial class of Karate lessons at any of our clubs. The trial classes are open to Children and Adults. To register for a trial. Please complete the section on the front page of this website. We look forward…
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Southern England Regional Trials

4 student from Forza Karate Club attended the Southern England Regional Training and selections in Bath university. Head Coach of South East England, Davin Pack (England Karate Coach), Head Coach of South West England Rory Daniels (Former World Karate Champion) and Sensei Anthoni Everitt run the session for both South West and South East regions.…
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Graduation Success

Congratulations to the following that have registered and will be grading up this week. Due to work being carried out on our website. We have extended registrations until Sunday evening 9pm. If you have registered and your child name isn’t on the list, please contact us. If you haven’t yet registered and your child received…
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Presentation Awards Evening

Over 120 attended the presentation to award and congratulate members in 2016. Many students attended and won awards for Student of the Year – Zehra Shukru (Rayleigh Dojo) Most Improved Student of the year – Yuan Yogarajah (RPS) Best Male (kumite/Kata) – Kobe Yogarajah – (RPS) Best Female (kumite/Kata) – Lauren Symmons – (Rayleigh Dojo) Best…
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Frontier Squad Success

40 students from Forza, Khalsa and FSK attended the 1st association squad training of 2017. The session began with a warm up with Sensei Everitt. Sensei then went through numerous combination techniques, which followed adding them together for continuous drills . Sensei Paul Simmons followed with explanation of blocking and reacting to front punch and reverse…
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Title goes back to Rayleigh Dojo!

Home of the champions! Again! Congrats Rayleigh Dojo topping the medal table for the 10th time. RPS were unlucky not to secure a 2nd consecutive win. Improvements by Southend and Upminster and newbies Southchurch taking a single bronze. Thank you to my assistants Sensei Nick, Ryan and Sempai Lauren. Thank you to the parents that…
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Southend Grading Success

Well done to the students that graded up on Thursday 9th February at the Garons Tennis & Leisure Centre. Everyone has worked hard leading up to the grading. If you was unsuccessful this time, don’t worry, keep practising, your time will come. We currently have availability at our children class at this venue. We meet every Thursday…
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Belting up in Upminster

Students are making the mark in Upminster as some were graded up after working hard to achieving their grade. Sensei awarded the belts and congratulated everyone on their efforts. Those that were unsuccessful this time around, we encouraged to keep practising and eventually, their time will come to grade. Well done everyone and keep up…
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