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Event 2 – League Championships 2016

Learn Karate in Rayleigh, Southend and Upminster. Classes available from 4 years and above. First lesson Free - Register for a trial class

GoldMegan Thompson50
SilverJamie Cowling30
BronzeSalesh Kandasamy15
GoldJonathan Bays50
SilverTima Urazbayev30
BronzeSophie Court15
GoldKobe Yogarajah50
SilverLauren Symmons30
BronzePraveen Ravichandran15
BronzeMalachi Dowling15
GoldSultan Urazbayev50
SilverTommy Walker30
BronzeJacob Vant15
GoldJazz Ward50
SilverOliver Prescott30
BronzeToby Vant15
BronzeAbinhav Murugesh15
GoldTommy Walker50
SilverJacob Vant30
BronzeSultan Urazbayev15
GoldJayden Vambe50
GoldRyhs Vincent50
GoldTheo Charles50
SilverDylan Faint30
BronzeKobe Yogarajah15
BronzeLauren Symmons15
GoldEllie West50
SilverSophie Court30
GoldJamie Cowling50
SilverSalesh Kandasamy30
GoldYwan Yogarajah50
SilverJake Edmead30
BronzeLukas Patzold15
BronzeJack Symmons15
GoldJonathan Bays50
SilverTima Urazbayev30
GoldMalachi Dowling50
SilverKobe Yogarajah30
BronzeYwan Yogarajah15
BronzeTheo Charles15