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Final medal table of 2016 League Championships

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Jonathan BaysRayleigh Dojo165
Kobe YogarajahRPS160
Ywan YogarajahRPS145
Lauren SymmonsRayleigh Dojo140
Theo CharlesUpminster130
Jamie CowlingRayleigh Dojo125
Jazz WardSouthend115
Jake EdmeadRPS110
Jack SymmonsRayleigh Dojo95
Malachi DowlingRayleigh Dojo95
Praveen RavichandranRPS80
Tommy WalkerRayleigh Dojo80
Tobias VantSouthend75
Jacob VantSouthend75
Salesh KandasamyRayleigh Dojo75
Bradley MonervilleRayleigh Dojo65
Ellie WestRayleigh Dojo65
Sophie CourtUpminster65
Sultant UrazbayevSouthend65
Tima UrazbayevSouthend60
Lukas PatzoldRPS60
Megan ThompsonUpminster50
Jayden VambeRPS50
Rhyes VincentRPS50
Christian MonervilleRayleigh Dojo45
Jessica DurrantRPS45
Prem RavichandranRPS45
Oliver PrescottUpminster45
Dylan FaintRPS30
Curtis MonervilleRayleigh Dojo15
Oliver PrescottUpminster15
Abinav MurugeshUpminster15

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