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Terms & Agreements

Build Confidence and self esteem whilst learning Wado Ryu Karate. Classes in Rayleigh, Upminster and Southend

The fees allow the students to attend as many classes a week 
as they like (subject to the age/grade restrictions on each class).

This means that students can theoretically attend 3 classes per week traveling to any of our classes in Upminster, Rayleigh, or Southend, although its up to the individual (and their level of commitment, available time, etc.) as to whether, in practice, they attend 1, 2, or all 3 or more classes each week!

We also offer a generous “family discount” scheme, so families who have more than three people attending classes receive a discounted rate.

We offer 
46 weeks of Karate training. Our classes are closed over the August month and 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period.

So what’s the catch?!
Quite simply, there isn’t one.

The only conditions we impose are:
Discounts for family members are subject to “fair use” terms and conditions.
Yes, that does mean thatyour cat’s previous owner’s sister won’t be considered a family member!

Most other reasonable immediate family relationships will qualify for family discount however, providing you live at the same address.

Family members living at other addresses may be accepted under the family discount programme, but will be considered on an individual basis.

Payments are due on a monthly basis

We ask all students to pay for classes on a monthly basis, in advance on the 1st of each month.

Allowing weekly payments would not only be time consuming and an administration nightmare for us, but it would also do little to encourage students to attend classes on a regular basis.

When students take up karate, it must be understood that a degree of commitment must be made in order to benefit from it; as such, students are expected to commit themselves to the full monthly cost of classes, irrespective of potentially irregular – attendance and/or non-attendance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to waive payments for missed classes, except in
exceptional circumstances (e.g. serious injuries, medical conditions, etc).
Prices quoted are based upon payment in advance, by Standing Order.

Paying cash/cheques into our bank account incurs substantial charges, which could ultimately mean that we would have to increase our prices.
We want to keep our prices low.

Experience has shown us that accepting cash/heques payments for classes takes up valuable time in administration. We would much rather spend our time teaching our students.

Forgetting cash/cheque payments can lead to those “err… you haven’t paid this month” conversations, which can be awkward and embarrassing for everybody!

For these reasons, we no longer accept cash or cheque payments for classes,
all payments for class fees MUST be by Standing Order.

A Standing Order is merely an instruction to your bank, asking them to pay us a fixed amount every month.

Standing Orders are safe, from our customer’s point of view, because:

You arrange the Standing Order with your bank – we cannot put a Standing Order in place for you (though we would be happy to give you a form to assist you with setting it up);

When you first arrange the Standing Order, you tell the bank how much you need to pay us each month – we cannot change this amount;

You can tell your bank to cancel the Standing Order, at any time, all we ask is to give us one month notice of cancellation.

As a very established Karate group, we already have 115 existing students paying for their classes by standing order; join them with confidence.