Rules of Forza Karate Club

Guidelines for Parents

  • Parents and children staying to watch lessons are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Small children must sit to the side and refrain from running around during the lesson.
  • All karate suits and protective equipment should be purchased through the Club Shop Online Any item purchased outside of the club will not be allowed in class.
  • Bow to the centre of the dojo when you enter and when you leave.
  • Ensure mobile phones are switched off or on silent.
  • No food is to be eaten in the dojo.
  • Refrain from any prompting tuition or communication with students whilst the lessons are in progress.
  • The instructor will be unavailable to answer queries when the lesson is about to start or at the end of the lesson when the hall must be vacated.
  • Anybody not able to follow the rules will be asked to leave the hall.
  • Any queries must be put in an email. These will be responded to during office hours only (10am – 2pm). Text messages will not be used as a form of communication.
  • We offer 40 weeks of Karate. Our fees are charged annually but we offer an installment payment over 12 months. All we require is a 1-month notice should you wish to cancel.
  • Please note that as of January 2020. There will be no classes run throughout the holiday periods, half term, Easter holidays, etc. When there is no school, there will be no Karate.
  • Our classes are unlimited and all students are registered to all classes and not limited to one class. Should there be a cancellation of a class due to the venue not being available, you are advised to attend another one of our classes, no refund will be given.

Guidelines for Club Students

  • Bow to the centre of the dojo when you enter and when you leave.
  • Your teacher must be addressed as Sensei and any helper as Sempai.
  • Students must pay attention when the instructor is demonstrating techniques.
  • Latecomers kneel by the edge of the hall and wait for permission to enter.
  • If you need to leave the class, you must ask the instructor for permission.
  • Bow to your partner before and after practice.
  • Hair must be tied up with a non-metal band.
  • Only karate suits purchased at our Club Online Store may only be worn at the club and must have the embroidered Forza logo on.
  • The belt represents your progress. Keep it on!
  • All metal objects (jewelry) or other such items should be removed
  • Bring a drink to lessons, ideally water.
  • Any t-shirt worn underneath your gi must be plain white.
  • T-shirts are not allowed during summer weeks unless stated clearly by the instructor.
  • No footwear to be worn whilst training.
  • No foul language inside the dojo.
  • You are to encourage to attend our training courses for Kumite and Kata
  • You should attend our club competitions to progress further in your karate training. No attendance at these events will slow down your progress in attaining your next grade.

Guidelines for Competition Competitors

  • You are encouraged to attend all competitions held by Forza Karate Club
  • You should attend all association squad training and selections, this can be found visiting the association website
  • Any preparation training ran by Frontier Karate Association Member clubs should be attended for extra training.
  • All squad members are to have both red and blue hand mitts, shin and instep pads, gum shields and karate suits. You can purchase any of these items using our Club Online Store

Guidelines for Online Classes

  • Any student that holds an in date FKA / BIMAF licence and Forza Karate Club Licence book may train in any classes held by Forza Karate Club, Frontier Karate Association.
  • Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during online classes.
  • All students must wear a Karate gi (official uniform) during online classes