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Team of 15 at Frontier Karate Association Squad Training

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Team of 15 at Frontier Karate Association Squad Training

Students from Rayleigh Dojo, RPS Dojo, Upminster and Hawkwell attended the first association squad training of 2016. They were joined by students from Khalsa Champions, TCB and Head of Association, Sensei Paul Simmons Frontier school of Karate.

Students were warmed up with Sensei Paul Simmons, Students worked well with one another and worked on kicking drills with Sensei Anthoni, using this techniques in the final 10 seconds of the fight. Sensei Sat worked on timing of the Gyakuzuki.

Groups were made and students had fight off between one another with various scenarios.

The squad finished off, presenting the teams for this years English Kyu Grades.

Current Squad members performed well, Kobe Yogarajah, Lauren Symmons, Malachi Dowling, Ellie West, Theo Charles and Jamie Cowling trained hard.

Well done to everyone that attended from Forza, especially to the low grade students, Sophie Court, William Jones from Upminster, Nathan Barrow, Jack Symmons, Curtis Monerville (Rayleigh) and Matthew Paige (Hawkwell).

Special congratulations to Sam Kitchen, Bradley Monerville and Christian Monerville who were pre selected for the English Senior Championships in April.

Forza Karate Club would like to wish the following 3 students the very best at the English Kyu Grade championships in Sheffiend next weekend.

  • Lauren Symmons (Rayleigh) Girls Under 9’s Kumite
  • Kobe Yogarajah ( RPS ) Individual Kata, Individual Kumite & Team Kumite
  • Jamie Cowling (Rayleigh) 14 years Kumite