Karate Tuition

Payments are made by standing order on the 1st of each month. Should payment not be received, you will need to complete payment for the month using the online payment facility (incurs a £5 fee)

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Purchase your Equipment

All students must wear the official uniform of Forza Karate Club and purchase via the clubs’ online store for equipment.

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Become a full member

To become a full member of Forza Karate Club, complete all 4 steps on the page. This will include, Licence application, Official Karate suit ordering (Only official Forza Karate Club uniform may be worn, Monthly payments for your first month of Karate lessons and setting up your standing order.

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Karate Grading

To register for your Grading / Child’s grading. You must register at least one week prior to the grading week. For a list of gradings in the year visit the Calendar. To register your grading, please click the appropriate link

Child Grading (17 years and below)

Adult Grading (18 years and above)


To register your child or yourself on one of our courses, you will be directed to this link.

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To register yourself or your child to enter into one of our Karate competitions.

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