Rayleigh - Upminster - Southend
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Build Confidence and self esteem whilst learning Wado Ryu Karate. Classes in Rayleigh, Upminster and Southend

Fee’s as of 1st August 2019 for New Members

Prices are based on 12 monthly payments for 46 weeks of Karate.

Our Unlimited Karate classes are run throughout the year except for 4 weeks in August and 2 weeks at Christmas.

Monthly Lesson Fee’s – All members will be required to pay their monthly fee via standing order. The prices to pay per month are shown below:

One Person (Parent/Child) – £40.00

Two People(Parent/Child) – £75.00

Three People(Parent/Child) – £90.00

Family (4 or more) – £100

Standing order: Set up to be paid regularly on the 1st of each month.

If your standing order payment is not paid on time then you will be directed to make an online payment via forzakarate.co.uk which will include a £5 surcharge.

How to become a full member

Click this link and complete all options!