2023 Super Champs

One hour of fun, team building and karate for all of our super champs at beginner level.

Free Super Champs T-shirt at the end of each year for students that register for all 11 Super Champs sessions in the calendar year.

Discounted when booking all three sessions together:

  1. Sunday 5th February (Chingford) 1:30pm start
  2. Sunday 19th March Chingford) 2:30pm start
  3. Sunday 23rd April (Rayleigh) 11:00am start

Register here

  1. Sunday 7th May (Chingford) 2:30pm start
  2. Sunday 11th June (Rayleigh) 11:00am start
  3. Sunday 23rd July (Chingford) 1:30pm start
  1. Sunday 24th September (Rayleigh) 11:00am start
  2. Sunday 22nd October (Chingford) 1:30pm start
  3. Sunday 19th November (Rayleigh) 11:00am start
  1. Sunday 17th December (Chingford) 1:30pm start
  2. January 2024 date TBC
  3. February 2024 date TBC

If your child wishes to be considered for National or International Competition, please speak to your instructor as your child will be required to attend Preparation Training once per month.

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