Team Forza

Team Forza is a new section of Forza Karate Club that specialises in Karate Competition.

Our team of Instructors have lots of experience in the Sport Karate field, from coaching grassroots (Beginners) to World class level.

Our team Kumite squad will focus on the element of competition fighting whilst our team kata squad will focus on the pattern of karate moves fighting an imaginary opponent.

Being on the squad will give the individual a more in depth knowledge to learn the skills of game (competition karate) and have opportunity to be put forwards to represent our association, regional or national team (via selection) as many of our the coaches students have done.

How to get onto the squad?

The pathway to get onto the squad is by attending and doing well at the Forza Invitational Karate Cup and/or by attending regular on the monthly Preparation training sessions ran by Forza.

See some of these students in the hall of fame

Team Forza Squad 2017 at the English Karate Championships