There were some great performances on the day, A special mention to everyone that attended and did not win a medal. It’s the little wins that are important for your karate development so keep trying! your performances were well noted.Many thanks to Sensei Lisa Bays and Julian Bolton for their help and assistance running officiating on the day.Thank you to all the parents and students for your support representing Forza Karate Club at the JHKA 2nd Open.I would like to thank Sensei Jade Honeywood for the invitation to her event.Proud of you, keep up the training, some amazing performances throughout the squad.

Thank you to JHKA for the invitation.

Austin Wimpory Kata 4-6 years
Yuan Yogarajah Slam Man 10-12 years
Ayden Wong Kata 10-12 years
Ayden Wong 10-12 years Kumite
Kobe Yogarajah 13-16 years

Daniel East 13-16 years Kumite
Daniel East 13-16 years Kata

Yuan Yogarajah Kata 10-12 years
Yuan Yogarajah Kumite 10-12 years
Archie Tebbut Kumite 4-6 years
Darcie Mitchell 7-9 years kata
Darcie Mitchell 7-9 years kumite
Alfred Walsh 7-9 years kumite
Quintin Wong 10-12 years Kumite

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