Good luck to our karate team traveling to Orleans in France! We are proud to send our most talented competitors to represent our association.

Good luck to all the squad taking part from Frontier Karate Association

  1. Ethan Burton
  2. Zane Chapman
  3. Zakaria Khelloufi
  4. Harry and Lois Morgan
  5. Kai Ross
  6. Khemilya Ubor
  7. Eliseo Ubor
  8. Jamie Waard
  9. Jenson Ward
  10. Quintin Wong
  11. Isabel Wyatt
  12. Leandro Yanes Baragano
  13. Kobe Yogarajah
  14. Yuan Yogarajah

You are ready to showcase your determination and skill on the tatami.

We all support you eagerly as you aim for excellence in this international competition.

Go out there and give it your all!


By sensei