2 students from Forza karate club attended the 2023 budokan Orleans event in France. With over 1000 competitors competing over 2 days, this event brought some amazing talented karate-ka from over Europe to compete for the Orleans title.

Quintin Wong was competing in the boys 11-13 event and fought well at the beginning in the -60kg event. With a 2-0 head start from a body kick, Quintin was unable to keep the lead as his opponent came back to win the fight 5-2 and did not reach the final to allow Quintin to fight off for a bronze in the repo-charge.

Kobe Yogarajah fought in the Junior -55kg. This is Kobe 3rd event at this age/weight section. Kobe fought a talented individual and picked Kobe off as he was chasing an early 1-0 loss at the start of the fight. Kobe unfortunately lost the first round but fortunately his opponent reached the final to allow Kobe to fight for bronze in the repo-charge.

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