We are back! Well online, for the time being, thanks to national lock down. Following the government guidelines it is vital that regular training in karate is done online. Try to participate as much as possible.

If you would like to try out one of our classes, why not give as a go online.

Its absolutely free to try, why not give it a go. Register for a trial case today 

Students that are licensed and up to date with payments have been emailed the January timetable of online classes.
Not received information on our classes?
1.) Please check your inbox for the timetable.
2.)If you have not received it. Check your licence is in date and payments have been made.
2a. If licence is not in date, please renew by clicking link https://forzakarate.co.uk/renew-licence/
2b. If your monthly payments are behind, make payments using link https://forzakarate.co.uk/late-payments/
3.) should section 2a and 2b ok, inbox me with your licence slip and expiry date and name of persons account paying monthly fees. Thanks
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