After a fantastic training session at the Frontier Karate Association Squad Training. Both the first and 2nd sessions were stopped and the head coach and Chief Instructor of the FKA, Sensei Paul Simmons 6th Dan gave an opening speech and congratulated  everyone on their work during lock down and their commitment to karate training to their individual clubs and association.

Sensei Paul, gave acknowledgment to Sensei Anthoni for his work and efforts for Forza Karate Club, his association and work he did whilst working as a regional coach and statistics for the English Karate Federation and for the development of the squad and athletes within our association. With shock, Sensei Anthoni was in company of surprised guests, Sensei Hayley Ansell, Sensei 1st ever black belt. Sensei Tom Gibbings and Sensei Jade Honeywood, both English Internationals  and both European Silver medalist at the EKF Europeans in Trieste and Turkey that sensei taught from white belt with gifts along with a certificate from Sensei Paul for the rank of 6th dan.

An emotional speech from Sensei Anthoni and a massive thank you to all the club and the support over the years.


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