Congratulations to all the Forza students that attended the JHKA 3rd Open Championships in Romford on Saturday 13th May.

I would like to congratulate all involved in organising, running and taking part in JHKA’s 3rd Open Championships. They held the competition for the first time ever at The Forest Row Centre in Collier Row.

By running these events, it’s amazing to see the progress made by all our students that have continued their training over the past year since they last held this event in May 2022. If we look back on the year that we have had, we have seen some fantastic results at National, International and Commonwealth level. It all starts here at club level at both the Forza and JHKA events.

Well done to all our new students that took part in their first ever competition, I hope you all enjoyed it and learned lots in preparation for next time. A special well done to all the second timers that entered this competition, it’s great to see you all come back for another go and try to improve from your first competition experience. The more experience the better. Well done to all students that moved into a new age category, this is where your development can flourish. Every loss is a lesson and every lesson will develop you for the even bigger moments to come!

Finally, I would personally like thank the helpers of the competition that jumped in last minute when our officials were unable to attend the event final minute, my since thanks goes to our students

Andy Wong – Rayleigh Dojo
Sophie Court – Upminster Dojo *Forza
Kobe Yogarajah – Rayleigh Dojo *Forza
Yuan Yogarajah – Rayleigh Dojo *Forza

Special mention to JHKA helpers
Ethan Burton – Collier Row *JHKA
Christine Charalambous – Collier Row *JHKA
Isabell Wyatt – Collier Row *JHKA
Inga Selina – Chingford Dojo *JHKA

Many thanks to Sensei Jade Honeywood for the invitation and organising a great event and to Sensei Hayley Ansell.

Congratulations to this years Champions and medallists, I am so proud of you all!

The results are below

4-6 Years Kata

L Gilberto (Forza) πŸ₯‡
A Hearne and M Austria (joint) πŸ₯ˆ
Reuel K Asoy (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰
D Purvis (Forza) πŸ₯‰

4-6 Years Kumite
Reuel K Asoy (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‡
N Birnie (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
N Dragan (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰
E Kolakowski (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰

4-6 Years S/M
N Birnie (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‡
L Gilberto (Forza) πŸ₯ˆ
J Radu (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰
A Jackson (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯‰

7-9 Years Kata
Z Khelloufi (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‡
L Yanes Baragano (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
D Mahu (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰
H Couldridge (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‰

7-9 Years Kumite
D Austria (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‡
H Couldridge (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
M Walters (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰
D Mahu (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰

7-9 Years S/M
L Morgan (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‡
E Thomas (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
M Sava (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰
D Austria (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰

10-13 Years Kata
J-B Ochiabuto (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯‡
J Long (Forza) πŸ₯ˆ
Z Chapman (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‰
J White (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰

10-13 Years Boys Kumite
A Johnson-Campbell (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯‡
J Avanzi (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
Y Yogarajah (Forza) πŸ₯‰
N Mac (Forza) πŸ₯‰

10-13 Years Girls Kumite
R Chapman (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‡
A Thomas (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
A Mac (Forza) πŸ₯‰
M Babin (Chigwell Dojo) πŸ₯‰

10-17 Years S/M
K Ross (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‡
E Burton (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
Z Chapman (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‰
I Wyatt (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰

14-17 Years Kata
K Yogarajah (Forza) πŸ₯‡
M Ogunyadeka (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
E Burton (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‰
D East (Forza) πŸ₯‰

14-17 Years Male Kumite
K Yogarajah (Forza) πŸ₯‡
E Burton (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
D East (Forza) πŸ₯‰
M Ogunyadeka (Chingford Dojo) πŸ₯‰

14-17 Years Female Kumite
I Wyatt (Collier Row Dojo) πŸ₯‡
M Syrichas (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯ˆ
K Ubor (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‰
A Emambacus (Enfield Dojo) πŸ₯‰

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